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Staff Bios

The ASUU Student Child Care Program is supervised and coordinated by the director. Each classroom is guided by the Curriculum Specialist who works collaboratively with the teachers to develop a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on the children's interests. Within all classrooms there are assistants that work with the teachers to create a warm and positive environment that meets the needs of each child. At times we also have student teachers/interns participating in the classroom through the Department of Family and Consumer Studies. Students are always under the supervision of a staff member and never left alone with children. All staff members are encouraged to contribute ideas and experiences to the center. All staff, substitutes, students, and volunteers go through a state background check and ASUU Student Child Care Program orientation before their first day with the children.

In accordance with our NAEYC standards, teachers have or are working toward a bachelor's degree in a child and family-related field. Teacher's assistants have various amounts of experience and education related to the development of children or taking college classes in the general area. All staff must demonstrate a high level of comfort with children and be at least 18 years of age. Staff members are observed and evaluated frequently to ensure a high level of quality interaction. We ensure that there are always plenty of staff members on site that have CPR and 1st AID certifications and a Food Handlers Permit. All staff members are required to obtain 20 hours of continuing education annually by attending staff trainings, college courses, conferences, and/or workshops. Learn the specific qualifications and experience of your child's classroom team.

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Last Updated: 9/28/16