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Evening Care/Floater Staff

Evening Care Staff


Helen Maroeca - Green Room Assistant

 helen marcecaHi my name is Helen and I am a freshman at the U.  I am majoring in elementary education and love watching children learn.  In my spare time I like to dance.  I started working at ASUU in Spring 2016.


Justeen Hunter - Blue/Red Room Assistant

Justeen HunterI am a full time student here at the U. I’m majoring in Elementary Education to become a kindergarten teacher. I’ve been working with kids for 4 years and I can’t think of a more rewarding job! I’ve been working here since spring 2015 and am excited to continue to do so. 



Devin Beard - Blue/Red Room Assistant

devin beardHi, my name is Devin Beard. I am currently studying biology and international studies here at the U. I am also a senior pre-med student studying to become a pediatrician. I am volunteering with several programs involving childcare and STEM promotion and I also recently had the opportunity to travel to Ghana, Africa where I worked with children aged 6 months – 5 years collection research and doing health promotion. I guess you could say I like kids! I’ve been working here at ASUU since Fall 2015.




federica infantinoFederica Infantino

Hi! My name is Federica and I'm from Italy where in 2012 I got my Master Degree in Family Psychology.
I have a passion for kids and I love working with them because they're so genuine and fun independently on the country they come from. I think there is a lot to learn from them! I started working at ASUU in Fall 2016.  I like cooking, hiking, reading, but especially spending time with my husband and enjoying life!


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