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Natural Outdoor Classroom

toddler playground
Infant-Toddler Playground

Construction Timeline

Our Natural Outdoor Classroom will be completed in 5 phases.  We are excited to announce that we were able to fundraise enough for Phase 1 to be completed which will be relocating the infant/toddler playground.  Construction for phase 1 will begin approximately in July with completion estimated in October. 

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Method Studios

Our Natural Playground is being designed by the services of Method Studios.  Our landscape architect is Melinda McMillan who has experience designing natural playgrounds as she worked on the design of SLCC's natural playground.

Why a sustainable natural playground?

In an ever changing world, children are getting less and less time to play and explore the outdoors.  On a mission to reconnect children with the natural world, ASUU Child Care is working with Method Studios to create a sustainable, 100% natural playground.  All materials used will be made from natural materials instead of traditional playgrounds that are made from metal and plastic.

child with flower in handsWhat are the benefits? Information from Nature Explore: Did you know?

  • Going outside helps children with attention problems
  • Nature builds skills, skills, and more skills
  • Time outdoors may actually help prevent allergies and asthma
  • Exposure to sunlight has a host of benefits
  • For children, play is like eating and sleeping--a vital sign of health
  • Playing outside is safe and some risk is necessary for children

For more researched based information on the benefits of natural playgrounds please see the findings provided by Dimensions Educational Research Foundation.

Last Updated: 7/10/17