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Enrollment for Part-Time Care Information


Ukids - President's Circle is operated within the Student Affairs Division of the University of Utah. Children of University Students have priority placement and subsidized fee options at the center for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 20 hours per week. Children of University students will continue to be eligible as long as one parent maintains a registered student status. If the parent loses his/her student status at any point during the academic year, he/she may no longer be eligible for priority student placement and rates. A weighted criteria scale based on student demographics is used to determine final enrollment. While University faculty, staff, post doctorates and visiting scholars are not eligible for subsidized care, we welcome their participation in our program if student slots are unfilled.

Students pay an hourly rate based on the child’s age, socio-economic status, and family size. Faculty, Staff, and Community families pay a fixed rate based on the age of the child:

Hourly Rates Family Size (include all children under 18) Application Fee
2 3 4 5 6



Students Total annual family resources (see pg 3 of application)



A $50.00 application/holding fee (per child) is to be paid online before submitting your application. This fee is non-refundable.

<$35,000 <$41,000 <$47,000 <$53,000 <$59,000



Students Total annual family resources (see pg 3 of application)
>$35,000 >$41,000 >$47,000 >$53,000 >$59,000




The tuition rate is determined by family demographics, gross annual income, and other financial information. Fees are subject to change due to income changes or program tuition increases.




*Enrollment for children of faculty/staff and community are accommodated when slots are available due to the priority placement of student's children.

Our program offers a sibling discount of 10%. Limited financial assistance is available for students from the CCAMPIS Grant administered through the Center for Child Care and Family Resources and the “School-Life” Scholarship fund through the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU). Students may begin applying for aid at any time.  If you are interested in applying for aid to assist with child care costs please contact the Center for Child Care and Family Resources at the following emails:

Spring Semester 2018: November 9th, 2017 12:00am

  • Priority for Returning Families ends November 13th at 12:00pm

Summer Semester 2018: April 5th, 2018 12:00am

  • Priority for Returning Families ends April 9th at 12:00pm

Fall Semester 2018: July 12th, 12:00am

  • Priority for Returning Families ends July 16th at 12:00pm

 Spring 2018 Semester Enrollment


Accepting Applications for Spring Semester 2018!

Ukids - President's Circle offers part-time quality child care conveniently located on campus. We accommodate children 6 weeks-5 years, for a minimum of 4 hour/week and a maximum of 20 hours/week.  As we follow the academic calendar, our Spring Semester begins Januanoah flower in handsry 8, 2018 and ends April 24, 2018. We look forward to a wonderful semester!

>>>Our application has changed! Please select "hourly" under the child care information section to be directed to our program, Ukids - President's Circle (formerly ASUU Child Care).

 Priority Enrollment for returning families begins November 9, 2017 at 12:00 am and ends November 13, 2017 at 12pm.

All families will be notified of acceptance by December 1, 2017.  We appreciate your patience as we process the applications we are receiving. 

*Children must be at least 6 weeks by the first day of classes (January 8, 2018).



We have a fully online application system.  Completed applications must be submitted through this system.  Please note that all families fill out the "waitlist application," however, this does not necessarily mean your child will be waitlisted.

Enrollment is open to students, faculty, and staff (community children enrolled based on availability). Priority will be given to returning students who have applied during priority enrollement, followed by new student families, then staff/faculty and community. Due to our partnership with Early Head Start (EHS) in our Yellow room (1 year olds), families enrolled in the EHS program will have priority. 

Please do not worry if you do not hear from us before the notification of acceptance date (above) as it takes time to process all applications.

Don't forget to pay the application fee ($50 per child).  Please remember application fees are non-refundable.

Accepting children age 6 weeks to 7 years (Children over 5 are only accepted during the summer semester).

***Please note: Space is very limited in our Infant and 1 year old rooms, especially during midday (9am-3pm) times. If you have any flexibility in your schedule, please indicate this on your application in the comments section. Please know that we do our best to accomodate as many families as possible, but are limited to no more than 8 children in both rooms at any given time.

Age groupings for are:

Purple Room (Infant/Toddler) - 2 teachers with no more than 8 children

Only children 6 weeks of age by the first day of classes will be considered. Spots cannot be held for children under 6 weeks.

Yellow Room (Infant/Toddler) - 2 teachers with no more than 8 children.

Green Room (Infant/Toddlers) - 2 teachers with no more than 8 children.

Blue Room (Twos/Threes) - 2 teachers with no more than 12 children.

Red Room (3.5-5 Years) - 2 teachers with no more than 16 children. 

(Our age cut-off is to ensure your child is participating in a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate – neither too difficult nor too simple.)

pointPlease note our hours have changed.  Starting Spring 2018 our hours will be Monday – Thursday 7:00am-7:00pm and Friday 7:00am-6:00pm.

We follow the University Academic Calendar, please follow the link to see closure and holiday dates.

Part-Time Enrollment Only: Enroll for up to 20 hrs/wk, with a minimum of 4 hrs/wk, with no less than 2 hours per day.

*If availability remains after the add/drop period, families may increase hours.

1. Complete Waitlist Application and pay application fee.

2. Allow at minimum 48 hours from the time your application is submitted and fee is paid for processing *Applications received close to the application post date may take 30 days to process due to high volume.

3. Consider applying for financial assistance to cover child care costs.  See "Grants and Scholarships" section above and visit The Center for Child Care and Family Resources for more information.

4. If you are accepted, you will receive a Welcome Email detailing information about our program. Once recieved, please complete all of the required enrollment forms (About Your Child, Getting to know your Infant (only for Purple room families). In addition, we will need either an emailed, faxed, or hand delivered up-to-date copy of your child's immunization record.

5. Review the First Day Checklist, and all other important program policies, in our Parent Handbook.

There is a very high demand for our services, particularly during the morning and early afternoon hours (10:00 am - 3:00 pm). We regret that we are unable to serve all families applying for care. If you are not accepted into the program due to space limitations, you have the option to be placed on a waiting list with notification if/when vacancies occur. Please note that we do our very best to accomodate all families, and may be able to work with you if you have flexibility in the hours of care you need.  We also encourage you to contact the University's Center for Child Care and Family Resources for additional information on campus and community child care options.

Last Updated: 11/9/17