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Getting to Know your Infant/Toddler

Contact Information
Indicates a required input.
Child's Information
  1. Was child born prematurely or full-term?
  2. Has child stayed with anyone else besides parents?
  3. Is child Bottle or breast-fed?
  4. How do you give the bottle, room temp, warmed, cold?
  5. Does child hold his or her own bottle?
  6. Is child on formula or milk?
  7. Is there a specific bottle brand your child prefers?
  8. Will your child have a bottle or breast fed before arriving?
  9. Is child on solids?
Solid Foods
List amounts of food, types of food and times your child usually eats
  1. What type of diapers do you use?
  2. Does your child use a pacifier?
  3. Does your child need a special comfort item to sleep with?
  4. Does your child sleep through the night?
  5. When does your child nap?
Last Updated: 4/24/17